iPhone X followup

In the spirit of trying to make tech journalism better, I wanted to post a follow up to my initial review of the iPhone X.  I originally wrote this review on November 9th, so I’ve had a couple of months of extra usage, and it’s been about three months overall since the device was launched. […]

Let’s try to fix tech journalism

One of the reasons I started writing my own tech analysis is because I think tech journalism has a few serious problems.  Reviews are rushed to the market because clicks matter, which means being first matters.  Don’t get me wrong, clicks matter to any site that is monetized (like this one), but there are some […]

Ecobee 3 Lite review

Part of making my house smart besides IoT security cameras was choosing and installing a smart thermostat.  For me, that specifically meant two thermostats, as my two story house has a single unit with two zones.  There are many options in this space, the most well-known of which is probably the Nest thermostat, but Nest lacks […]

Arlo Pro wireless security camera system review

When I first became a homeowner in 2010, the major reason I never put up security cameras around my house was that I just didn’t feel like running the wiring for a full-blown surveillance system.  It wasn’t the cost of the system itself or that I felt like I was impervious to needing security equipment, […]

The Apple Watch, 2.5 years later

The original reveal of the Apple Watch is a pretty disappointing memory for me.  At the time, I don’t think anyone really knew what they wanted out of wearables, so I was okay with much of the functionality (barring some of the stupid things Apple expected people to do with their tiny wrist computer, but […]

Wireless Earbuds vs. “Wireless” Earbuds

A little while back, Google released their new earbuds, the Pixel Buds, no doubt in answer to Apple’s AirPods that were released late last year.  The marketing for this product is clear, as Google states on their storefront: Loud, proud, ‘wireless.’  Well, the Pixel doesn’t have a headphone jack (no surprise there, it’s 2017 after […]

iPhone X review

Last year, I wrote a post about the iPhone 7, which I did end up getting for reasons I don’t feel like going into detail about.  It was a great phone, but like I detailed in that post, it was still a pretty lackluster upgrade from an iPhone 6, other than the extra RAM.  Anyway, […]

Apple’s fear of touchscreens on laptops

As far back as 2008, I can remember wanting a Mac laptop with a multitouch display.  After playing with the original iPhone, I knew multitouch technology was finally good enough to put into a real computer, unlike those old, awful resistive touchscreens that had been in PC tablets for years. I, as well as many […]