iPhone X followup

In the spirit of trying to make tech journalism better, I wanted to post a follow up to my initial review of the iPhone X.  I originally wrote this review on November 9th, so I’ve had a couple of months of extra usage, and it’s been about three months overall since the device was launched.

Pretty much everything I said in that review has held true.  It is a fantastic phone that is well worth the hefty price tag.  Almost all of the changes have proven to be good – from the aesthetic ones down to the gestures.   These come so naturally now, even the ones that are slightly harder to do, like pulling Control Center down from the top right.  It still needs to be changed, but I think about it a lot less.

One part of the review that held true in a rather unfortunate way, however, was this part:

The glass back on this phone, while being exponentially more fragile, is also far more grippy, so holding the phone is much easier.  If I do drop it…I’ve got AppleCare+, but of course, I’d rather not do that.

One of the only (potato quality) pictures I took before putting on the skin.

As you might’ve guessed, I broke the glass back of my iPhone X, but it was in the most confusing way.  Had I dropped it on cement, tile, or even wood flooring, I would not have been surprised at all.  Instead, it broke when I set it on the side of my desk, fell 3 feet, and landed onto carpet.  The back completely shattered.  That’s right, I did say that my phone broke by falling on carpet.  Granted, it was that commercial grade, low-pile carpet, but still…carpet.

I should mention that I wasn’t using a case, but still, I feel like it should’ve been able to withstand the fall.  I’ve dropped the iPhone 6 and 7 on that style of carpet more times than I can count, and nothing like that ever happened.  It’s really unfortunate that the iPhone X is even more fragile than I anticipated, but just in case you were trying to go caseless like I was, let this be a fair warning.  For reference, the last phone I broke was my HTC Dash in 2008.

iPhone X case, brand new. iPhone 7 case, patina after 1 year of use.

I do have a case now – the Apple leather saddle brown case, which is the same case I’ve had on my previous two iPhones.  I also put a dbrand skin on the back of the phone to cover the cracked glass, so I do take it out of the case sometimes and use it like that while I can.  Whenever I get around to having it fixed, it’s never coming out of the case again.

To fix the screen of an iPhone X, it costs $29 with AppleCare, and they replace the screen of your current phone.  For any other accident claim, it costs $99 and they just give you a new phone, so I’ll be shelling out $99 and swapping my whole phone out.  I haven’t done it yet because the phone works fine.  Really all I’ve lost is the aesthetic (which I’d be hiding under a case now anyway) and the waterproofing, but who cares about that considering I already have to swap the phone out at some point?

I also want to mention that wait times at my local Apple store are approaching doctor’s office wait times. An appointment for 2PM means you’ll be seen at 2:30PM, which is unfortunate, considering how excellent Apple used to be at keeping appointments.  I guess that’s the price of their massive success.  It’s still better than the alternative of not being able to go to a physical store for same-day service, which is the case for (almost?) every other phone.